Nigloland Theme Park

At only 1 hour drive from La Pépinière, the hedgehog Niglo welcomes you in an idyllic setting, made up of trees, flower beds and a natural river where you can explore the many attractions and rides of this theme park. With over 20 attractions accessible to children under 1 meter, Nigloland has been designed to appeal to families with children. We are sure that your little ones will love the dinosaur village, the magic roundabout, the traditional merry-go-round or the flying dragons!

But, with its inside rollercoaster, bobsleigh ride and Ferris wheel of 60 meters high, Niglo definitely provides some thrills and chills for grown-ups too!

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The Nigloland theme park is open from late spring to autumn. However, it is closed some days during this period so it is advisable to check the calendar before you visit. 

Adult tickets cost €24,50, tickets for children under 12 years old cost €22,50 and the theme park is free for children under 1 meter tall. If you’re planning to visit the theme park over two consecutive days, you can get a €42 ticket that covers both days

For up-to-date ticket information, make sure you visit the official Nigloland website. 

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