Medieval city of Provins

Experience life as it was in the capital of the Counts of Champagne!

The medieval city of Provins reached its peak in XIIth and XIIIth centuries, with the Champagne Fairs.
These events attracted merchants from all over Europe and Provins thus became the undisputed capital of trade and one of the most powerful cities in the kingdom.

Today a Unesco World Heritage Site, Provins bears witness to this period in history with a heritage which remains intact and authentic: ramparts, dungeons, churches, underground tunnels, ancient houses, vaulted underground rooms…

There  are several shows around the ramparts: Let yourself be transported into the time of knights and princesses! Children and adults alike will dream…

Legend of the Knights – Equestrian Show

Legende des chevaliers 1

At the foot of the ramparts, dive in the heart of this medieval legend with a fantastic chivalry show.

Thibaud IV, count of Champagne, returns from his crusades. Everybody is getting ready to welcome him back: jugglers, trick-riding, cavalcades and others equestrian prowess.

But the party is spoilt by the terrible Torvark, accompanied by his wolves and warriors coming to take Provins and its medieval war machines. Thibaud fights them to save the beautiful Blanche.

Spectacular fights take place in front of your eyes, with the gallop of horses. You will see some fabulous scenes, with magnificent costumes, medieval city and ramparts scenery.

For your greatest pleasure, let yourself travel back into the time of knights and the beautiful ladies.

Daily from April to November

Eagle of the Ramparts

Once upon a time: the history of Falconry… setting inside the Ramparts Theatre of Provins. A splendid aerial show of birds of prey, in perfect harmony with horses, wolves and a dromedary, welcomes you.

Provins - medieval city - show - falcons -

Each element of this show makes it a marvelously authentic experience: the falconers’ costumes, their enthusiasm, the imposing musical themes, and of course the fortified walls themselves.

The exceptional closeness of these majestic but little-known birds, their nobility and their aerial acrobatics will leave you with a host of unforgettable memories.

After the show, visit the bird’s aviary and the wolves’ enclosure.

Daily from April to November.  Pets are not allowed on the site.

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